Stratford canal mileposts

Most of the mileposts installed by the GWR in the 1850s have disappeared; however, SONACS (Stratford On Avon Canal Society) have kindly installed replacement markers, marking the millennium, showing the distance to Kings Norton.  Kings Norton being the northern end of the canal just outside Birmingham.

The GWR mile markers were a lot taller and were made out of strips of rail but none of the ones I have found have the original mile plate attached.  There also used to be 1/2 mile markers but I have found very few of these.  I have also found evidence that there may have been 1/4 mile markers as there is a marker between 15 and 15 1/2.

0.5 mile marker behind the tree

4 1/2

10 1/2

11 original only

13 1/2 mile marker


Original post still in place

14 1/2 mile marker

15 1/4 mile marker

15 1/2 mile marker

Unfortunately 17 seems to be missing.

19 1/2 GWR marker

19 1/4 GWR mile marker

21 1/2 mile GWR marker

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