Trent and Mersey canal mileposts

The Trent & Mersey canal has mileposts along its entire length from Shardlow (in the south) to Preston Brook at its end in the north.  The distance is 92 miles between these two points and each milestone indicates the distance from each point.  They are all extant but I have still to take pictures of a dozen or so.

There are still 59 original mileposts cast by Rougeley and Dixon in Stone in the 1810s.  There are 34 replacements which have a mark of T&MCS 1977.  T&MCS stands for Trent & Mersey Canal Society and these were cast in the mid 1970s in Bognor Regis.   It looks like I'm going to have to revist all of them to make sure I get a picture of the cast date and also many need replacing.  I think you can tell by the font of the lettering that the repacements seem to have a crisper style.

Some of the mileposts have a plaque at their base indicating the sponsor of the milepost.  I have included pictures of these plaques with their corresponding milestone.

The canal runs through the 1 3/4 mile Harecastle tunnel yet it has mileposts either end indicating that it is only a mile long (62-30 and 61-31).

The Trent & Mersey finishes at Derwent Mouth lock where it meets the Rivers Derwent and Trent.  This lock is 1 1/2 miles further on ffrom Shardlow so has a special milepost:

The replacement milepost at Derwent Mouth lock that bucks the trend by not being between the two points

Apart from the milestone above the rest should add up to 92, being the distance between the two points; however, this one is an anomaly:

I think this should be 15 and 77

The following are the mileposts we have taken pictures of so far.  We have seen them all several times but only recently taken pictures of them.

1-91  Original

12-80 Replacement

13-79 Replacement

17-75 Original

20-72 Original

23-69 Original

26-66 Original

27-65 Replacement

27-65 Base plate

28-64 Replacement

29-63 Replacement
29-63 Top base plate

29-63 Bottom base plate

30-62 Replacement

30-62 Base plate

31-61 Replacement
32-60 Replacement
32-60 Base plate

33-59 Replacement
33-59 Base plate
34-58 Replacement
35-57 Replacement

35-57 Base plate

36-56 Replacement

36-56 Base plate


38-54 Original

39-53 Original

40-52 Replacement

40-52 Base plate
41-51 Replacement

41-51 Base plate

42-50 Replacement

42-50 Base plate

43-49 Original
44-48 Original

45-47 Original

46-46 Original - The halfway point!

47-45 Original

48-44 Replacement

48-44 Base plate

49-43 Original
50-42 Replacement

50-42 Base plate

51-41 Original

52-40 Original


54-38 Original


56-36 Original

57-35 Replacement
58-34 Replacement

59-33 Replacement

60-32 Replacement

61-31 Replacement by south portal of Harecastle tunnel
61-31 base plate

61-31 base plate

62-30 by north portal of Harecastle tunnel

63-29 Original

64-28 Original

65-27 Original

66-26 Original

67-25 Original

68-24 Replacement

69-23 Original

70-22 Original

71-21 Original

72-20 Original

73-19 Original

74-18 Original

75-17 Original

76-16 Original

77-15 Replacement


79-13 Original

80-12 Replacement

80-12 Base plate

81-11 Original

82-10 Original

83-9 Original

90-2 Replacement

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